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July 2002 saw the birth of the AppalTappers after Yvonne returned to England from Germany where she had also formed a successful clogging group called Hang Loose.

The AppalTappers dance Contemporary Appalachian Tap - known in America as Clogging - which is a lively and very active dance form - we like to think of it as tap with attitude!

Originating in the Appalachian mountains of USA, this type of tap dancing isnít really clog dancing, rather, contemporary tap dancing to mostly modern music and it really is fun. 

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Being a mixture of Irish, Scottish and traditional English clog dancing, it has evolved into an enjoyable and fun way to dance. Unlike most dancing, you donít need a partner, so if you go wrong it doesnít matter, you wonít be letting anyone down! 

Yvonne choreographs her own material and can therefore tailor the music and dance level to the club members requests, frequently providing dynamic and new dances using the European Callers and Teachers Association step list.  Many of these dances are available on the Cue Sheets page.

There is no age range, it is fairly energetic, but if you find youíre getting a bit puffed, donít worry, take a breather!  We donít wear special clothes, just something to feel comfortable in and if you want to buy tap shoes, that can be arranged at a later date. 

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